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Big benefits by EMS method™ 『remote rotation and detection
Ease of Use:                                                                                          
All you need to do is to set the sample cell onto the measurement position of EMS rheometers.  Flow-curve, viscosity-curve, temp-curve, time-curve are available at the end of measurement automatically.
sealed cell, small sample volume:                                                            
Sample vessel(measurement cell) can be sealed, thus safe(non-splash) operation even for volatile, bio-hazardous samples are available.
Disposable cell:                                                                                      
Such samples as bloods are considered as medical bio-hazardous waste after measurement and need to follow many regulations to wash/throw away. Since it does not contaminate any parts on instrument, you can just throw the cell after measurement and autoclave it.
No washing required between measurements :                                       
Washing between one measurement and next is a must for the normal rheometer/viscometers. Our EMS rheometer does not require any washing between measurements. This means the time efficiency is absolutely improved with ours. (one time washing at the end of the day)
Absolutely compact design and big expandability :                                
Latest RheoBox™ measurement module takes only 10cmx10cmx10cm in size. Besides, flat-top design allows us many option possibilities such as High-Pressurized unit, multi-sample changer, etc.
Neither malfunctions nor repair cost :  Rotors and cells are consumables (no contact with instrument)

 EMS viscometer / Rheometer series

2019.09 RBPEnglish omote.jpg
2019.09 RBPEnglish ura.jpg
About Rotors (consumables)
Measurement is so simple and easy. Put the adequate rotor into the sample filled cell and place onto the measurement position of EMS rheometer.
According to the sample viscosity range, you can select following rotors.
 ABR-AL (Auto-Balancing-Aluminum rotor): low - mid viscosity range(0.5 ~ 200 mPa・s)
          Friction between cell(glass) and rod is minimized and good for very low viscous sample (see the application page.)
   SSR-AL (Shaft-Supported-Aluminum rotor)  :  mid - high viscosity sample range(10 ~ 10,000 mPa・s) 
          By thickening the rotor, higher viscosity can be easily measured.       Bigger the thickness, bigger the torque. 
   More rotors : We can provide the suitable rotors easily thanks to the remote rotation. For example, Titanium rotor for better chemical-resistance .
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