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Unique but powerfull Viscosity measurement

『EMS Rheometer  RheoboxPlus』


- Flow curve, Viscosity curve


- Viscoelasticity

- In-Line viscosity monitoring

- Measurement at remote position

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Since its foundation in 2015, Triple Eye has been introducing the instruments based on the unique technology by Prof. Sakai of University Tokyo and co-developed with JST(Japan Science & Technology Agency)'s in "Advanced Measurement and Analysis" program. 

What's new

In the program of A-STEP of JST(Japan Science and Technology Agency in 2020,
『New era of Viscosity measurement, BEYOND THE BENCH-TOP instruments using EMS™ Method』 is adopted.
Viscosity measurement in remote brings the new possibilities such as 『SEALED SAMPLE』,
『Disposable Usage』,『In-Line measurement and 24H monitoring』, 『measurement in distance』, etc .

RHEOBOX™ is the expandable Visco/Rheometer.
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