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1. Micro Liquid Injection Head & Liquid Interface Monitor (for Surface Tension analysis)

Can inject liquids in small size(apprx.10μm) in the chamber(air). Controlling fields/optics, phsyical properties of the liquid can be obtained. Since injected droplet is same size as cells, this tecnique can be applied for both Industrial and medical fields, such as mechanical phsyical property of cell and/or controlling thin-painting control,etc.   Utilizing glass-capilally, which is chemical-resistant and detachable, our injection system can catch the ultrafast change in shape such as collision / deformation / absorption of the injected micro-liquid.

2. Revolving Drop(ReD) for surface tension measurement

Surface tension of the liquid is very important factor in various phase such as board coating, painting, liquid handling process. Traditional surface tension measurement method requires very complicated parameter settings such as balancing/keeping the weight of sample and surface-tension stable, to measure the droplet-shape. In ReD method, droplet distortion is controlled by changing the nominal gravity acceleration with centrifugal force, resulting influence of the weight neglectable.  With this approach, surface tension of glass, metal, plastic can be obtained much faster and easier, what is more is with much better accuracy(100 times better than the traditional method).  Even measurement of high surface tention (much bigger than the one of water), measurement in high temperature, fast measurement of high viscous samples are now possible.

3. Electric Field pick-up Method for phsyical properties observation of liquid

Stress on the liquid interface is generated by applying a local electric field on the liquid.  This techniques makes "remote" measurement of surface properties and visco-elastic properties possible.


TRIPLE EYE    Other technology


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