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On-Demand Micro-Fluid-Monitor PicoLiterAnalyzer™

A completely new and unique approach for the observation of the wetting / penetration / evaporation characteristics of injected pico-liter droplet is now available from Triple Eye as PicoLiterAnalyzer™. 


This patented technology enables the measurement of contact angle / contact area / volume of the very fast wetting characteristics of the injected micro-fluid on the substrate in a micro-second order.

PLA model.png
着弾直後 0us.jpg
着弾後 30us.jpg
着弾後 1000us.jpg
Many unique points of PicoLiterAnalyzer™
✅It can observe the characteristics of droplet as if it is a single droplet utilizing the the stable fluidity because of micro-droplet nature and stroboscopic photographing.
✅Introduction cost is really cost-effective comparing the traditional ultra-fast-camera. (less than 100k US$)
✅No big light volume required: Thus, neither temp rising nor evaporation of sample occurs.
✅Reliable observation yet small sample volume : Based on an average of many droplets behaviors, erroneous or accidental observations such as corruption, contamination can be deleted. Nevertheless, sample volume is less than 10 micro-liter. Even slow-evaporative or slow-penetrative ones can be observed by one time sample setting.
✅Simple mechanism and disposable glass nozzle for injection allow many different fluid observations easily at low cost.
✅Many combination of fluid and substrate are available. You can change both fluid and substrate according to the needs. For example, ink on paper, cosmetic fluid on gel / skin, medicine on gel, bio-printing, ......
✅Customers can utilize their own microscope.
​Water on inkjet paper, captured picture 
​ 0 μs                 30 μs    200 μs           1000 μs
Image picture of this system, consisting of;
* PC
* Optical stage
* Stroboscopic system
* Power supplies, circuit breakers
Coming soon : 2 x heads nozzle injection will be soon introduced for reaction dynamics, mixture dynamics observation.
​water on inkjet paper
​50mM SDS on inkjet paper   
         movie (~4ms)
​water on glass 
movie (~120μs)
​water on glass 
movie (~ 5ms)
​SDS on glass 
movie (~ 5ms)
​Tween20 on glass 
movie (~ 5ms)
ピコリットル イメージ.png
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