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*Viscosity of blood inside the body cannot be descrived as "typical" one value.  The one of capillaries and of aorta/vena cava has a big difference according to the shear-rate.(non-Newtonian liquid) 
Actual shear-rate of human is 40~600(1/s). And RheoSpec™ can measure it in lower shear rate range than the one of the human body, bringing the possibility of (blood RBC softness) as a new parameter in health control. This will certainly indicate more meaning.
Furthermore, such features as "disposable sample cell", "sealeable cell", "contamination-free", "temp-control" are essencial for this demanding measurement. 



1)Sample Preparation:

 Pour the sample in the glass cell (approx. 0.5mL) by pipette.  Then apply the rotor on the sample at the cemter of the cell.

2)Start measurement:

Press one button to start measurement. Operator independent viscosity curve/flow curve can be obtained with data strage afterwards.

How to Operate
Blood (Hemo)
Low Viscous sample
*Even such low viscous sample as water, toluene can be measured accurately.  rotor: ABR-AL


Blood  pseud blood.png
Cream  Gel.png
High viscous sample cream,gel
*Creams or gels, high viscous and non-newtonian sample can be measured easily as well.  rotor: SSR-AL rotor
data print.png
After measurement, data / graph are automatically saved as csv/excel/pdf, also printed.
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