Triple Eye Co.,Ltd is founded in 2015 August.



Raison d'etre of our company is; to apply the unique technology of Professor Sakai of Tokyo University into practical use.   

Introducing "JAPAN-ORIGIN & ONLY-ONE" instruments to the world,,,



Triple Eye has three meaning;

  *Three Eyes

    (Bird-Eye): Wide perspective,

    (Insect-Eye): Close look of the target,

    (Fish-Eye): Read the current(trend).

  *Three 愛(pronunciation: ai,,, meaning: love in Japanese)

    "Love people, Love work, Love company."

  *Three (i)

    To serve for the society by Intelligent and Innovative Instrumentation.

​Company profile

  *foundation: 2015, August

  *Locaion: Kyoto, Japan

  *President: Kenzo Katsuki

  *Product portfolio: EMS rheometers, micro-fluid-monitor systems


About Triple Eye


Dear Customers

Thank you for your visiting Triple Eye's website.

Introduce the "Japan-Origin. Only-One" technology to the world.

This is our mission.

And our assets are;

"the people who work with "

"superb technology"

"Development with Speed and Flexibility" 

In 2018, I am pleased to announce the two new instruments debut, which are the second and third instrument within 3 years

We will continue to keep introducing not "me-too-copy" instrument.

Please look forward to our new instrument again soon.

2018 Sep.

Triple Eye Co.,Ltd.


Kenzo Katsuki